Our Culture

Business philosophy: people - oriented, strict management, reform and innovation, quality service.

People are the most valuable resources in the enterprise, respect for the individual, full authorization, attention to the environment and the quality of staff, is the driving force of enterprise development;

Management is the eternal theme of the development of enterprises, strictly manage the effective protection of the enterprise's production and operation is always in the planning, organization, control, coordination, command, decision-making and other management functions under the exercise, only to orderly to create Out of good results. Management of efficiency, strict protection;

Only the constant reform and innovation, and actively develop new products, relying on technological innovation and value innovation, for customers to create value for money quality products in order to win the market;

The use of "timely, professional, cordial" way to provide customers with pre-sale, sale and after-sale perfect service to customer value-added and feel good as the premise, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises;

Operating principles: take the initiative, control the market, know ourselves, step by step for the camp.
Entrepreneurial spirit: dedication, integrity, team, innovation

1, dedicated:
(1) is a dedication to the cause of the spirit of the career as a cause to pursue.
(2) is a professional spirit. Constantly challenge the difficulties, challenge themselves, and constantly improve, perfect, the pursuit of the best.
(3) is a courage to take responsibility for the spirit of the cause of adventure, take the initiative to find opportunities to explore new growth points.
2, integrity:
(1) to emphasize loyalty to the business and job responsibilities, dedication, attention to personal credit;
(2) the spirit of honesty is the enterprise and the staff of individuals to settle down, is the enterprise to establish a good atmosphere of communication and mutual trust of the premise;
(3) stressed that enterprises and customers, employees and enterprises, between the higher and lower commitment to honor, said to do.
3, the team:
(1) is a kind of cooperative spirit of a good professional realm, a mutual open mind of the interactive concept, a communication barrier-free ecological atmosphere.
(2) Responsible for their own work, responsible for team work, and focus on collaboration with other departments. The overall concept of partial obedience to the overall situation;
(3) focus on the establishment of a harmonious and healthy working environment and interpersonal relationships.
4, innovation:
(1) continue to go beyond the past and keep making progress.
(2) on the basis of the original success of the positive exploration of new methods and work ideas, continuous improvement.
(3) focus on the basic work, in every detail to find, find breakthroughs in innovation, and good at learning, summing up and mention

Code of Conduct: Serious work, practical life

Staff View: Serious and responsible and effective management of the staff is the company's greatest wealth. Respect for knowledge, respect for individuality, collective struggle and non-talented employees are the inherent requirements of our cause for sustainable development.
Interests: We advocate the formation of a community of interests among customers, employees and partners, and the devotees should be rewarded
Profit concept: in accordance with the requirements of sustainable development of enterprises, the establishment of each period of reasonable profit margins and profit targets, rather than simply the pursuit of profit maximization
Quality: Quality is personality, quality is life.
Quality: customer first, full participation; continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence